Sup fam, 

This is Vince the creator of Krime Guys. I write COWER KG AMC SHITHEDS. I’m coming to you from Oakland California donde la vida no vale nada. 

I’ve been writing graffiti my whole life and in the past few years I’ve also fallen in love with comics BUT When I went looking for a comic about this beautiful crazy art form I realized nobody was doing one about graffiti. No one that understands the nuances of our culture.

So I set out to change that. Years of painstaking writing drawing and coloring to bring you the ONLY full length graphic novels ABOUT graffiti writers FOR graffiti writers BY a graffiti writer. 

Krime Guys is a hand drawn fully colored comic displaying the insane adventures of Cowboy and Apose, two derelict graffiti writers building a friendship while destroying a city. 

Check out my comic for FREE at If you like what I’m doing the best way to experience Krime Guys is with a tangible item. That’s right, I have books for sale. Books you can hold in your hands and immerse yourself in. You may even forget about your phone for a little while. Books are lit fr.

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