KURE – Im from Cambridge in the UK, Im down with WWF and TNF crew. I’ve been interested in writing since the mid-90s but I wouldn’t say I really started until 99/2000 and dipped in and out for a fair while. I’ve been writing Kure for the last 10 years.

I’m a big fan of writers like Reas AOK, Petro TFW, Aster FMK, Horfe PAL, Twist DFW, and Rain Man simply rockers to name a few. My biggest inspirations are my crew, Wizards With Flavour, and above all my brother Sofa, these guys keep me going.

If I had to describe my style id say it’s an exploration of letterforms and connections rooted in classic NYC styles but heavily influenced by more contemporary European writers, drips, dots and cracks FTW.

Big shout to Seud, Idle, Sereo, Kesh, Phat, Kage, Prang and of course Sofa and all the TNF lads
Joey ‘Swan’ Deez forever!!!

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