LADY K is an artist from Paris, France and mainly known under this pseudonym which she’s had since 1998, before that she wrote other names. She’s collected several crews throughout the years including the international and famous, 156 All Starz. The other crews she rolls with are CKW, BLK, V13, ED, CCH, HLM, FBA, TDS. She designed her first lettering in 1991, that same year she did her first tags on the car of the education counselor at her school that everyone despised. Since 1993, she has explored several artistic currents including ready-made, dada, surrealism, impressionism, cubism, realism, stencils, logotype, tags, and graffiti. LADY K likes to experiment and look at different techniques and ideas with sets and characters in order to create a unique universe for lettering. Has she had some trouble with the law during her journey as an artist? Yes, some but it is over now and in the past. Tagging and graffiti, according to LADY K, is to be viewed as a portrait of the social and economic environment of the location which provides direct contact with the public without an establishment. 

To see Lady K’s Instagram click here. Thanks to Brian of @3nFilms for the help with this feature and to see more graffiti from Paris, Click here.