Laia – I’m from Barcelona, ​​I was born and raised here, a city with a mentality that is very open to the world, which receives many writers from other countries all the time. surely that was an inspiration to start with, but I can’t remember it because my beginnings were strange. In 1999 I started to write and draw my name all the time for no reason, and one day I decided to buy some spray cans after searching for a long time for a store that sold them, I didn’t know anyone who painted graffiti, so the first times I painted I was accompanied by a childhood friend, I painted and she watched me. I think I was like that for about two years until I met someone who painted graffiti. That day everything changed and I was able to paint much more.

I have a very long list of writers that I like a lot, plus I like a long list of crews that are cool in style. I don’t like to say names because I always forget someone who is important to me. I keep being surprised with the old videos like dirty handz, area08, infamy… I think they were the best videos and where I could see graffiti writers that I love what they painted.

My style: I don’t like to define it in any concrete word, so it would mean that I am including myself in something already patterned and I don’t like it. I have never been able to define my style very well: cheerful, colorful, Sometimes crazy and other times classic, but always staying very faithful to the style with which I started. People who have seen what I have painted from day one until today know that my style has always remained linear, I have simply been improving or adding details, but I have always wanted to stay the same. There are many people who positively value a graffiti writer who knows how to do many styles, I highly value a graffiti writer who remains very faithful to himself, improving and not getting stuck in time, obviously.


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