Legal BTH FUNK, from Montreal, has been writing for about 5 years now. This guy’s a beast when it comes to letters, and I hope he shows the way to newer generations. Meet the new west island boss.

BSCI: Thank you for taking the time for this interview. What’s really good?

Legal: Thanks for the featuring. The summer in this fine city is what’s good. Lovin’ it!!

BSCI: Why the name legal?

Legal: At first the name Legal was actually an abreviation for “Legalize”. After writing it a few times I realized I liked the contradiction of seeing the word ‘legal’ up in illegal spots.

BSCI:  If all this graff shit was legal, do you think you’d be into it?

Legal: Aghhh nahh… No way. I’ve painted a legal wall twice ever in my life, I fucking hate it, for obvious reasons.. Shit doesnt run for more than a day, random people can stand around and watch you paint,
If I’m looking to paint a piece I’ll find a good trackside spot or a spot down by the water where I can chill with a bunch of homies. Or find a nice roof or dark streetside spot where I won’t be seen to paint at night.

BSCI:  What about smoking chronic?

Legal: Inhale, exhale, everyday, All day! I smoke trees before and after everything I do. Red eyes on tha prize.

BSCI:  Students are on heavy strikes in Quebec over the tuition fees raise. Do you think they are mostly fighting so they can still afford some weed on the daily?

 Legal: Yesss!

BSCI:  You’re from the west-island, right? Maaaaannn that’s far, how long of a bike ride is it from downtown Montréal?

Legal: Yeah my bike doesn’t leave the west. I used to have one downtown and one at my place. You have to be really motivated to bike your ass for an hour and a half instead of hoping the train or the bus. Although on the wrong day and time, it could take that long for bus too. Fuck the west island.

BSCI:  Do you ever pass out at atwater metro waiting for the night bus, and wake up with native drunks spooning with you?

Legal: Ahahaha- I try to stay awake at atwater for reasons like that. I’ve passed out at the night bus stop, woke up in the daylight and had to stumbled to the day bus. Or gotten in fights with the driver or rejected from the night bus, that’s the worst. The natives are cool though.

BSCI: Who are the west island writers prior to you that influenced you into this graffiti thing?

Legal: Smak was someone I was seeing a lot, Enom too. Yusa, Jazz, Oath, all of ATM. When I was coming up I quickly realized that BBC and ATM were the realest crews in my hood. I used to pass by TSN wall and see burners and pieces by these guys(mostly BBC) when i was young and barely able make out the letters.
Back in the day shit was more real, Now the scene in the west island has changed, Graffiti is all toys. 95% of these kids dont even understand what it is all about.

SMAK: ”My dad used to tutor Legal and saw him drawing throw-ups and asked him if he wrote. Legal said yeah and then my dad said: ”Oh, my son does that too. He writes Smak.” Legal thought it was cool and my dad was real proud of me.”

BSCI: Do you think you will follow Smak’s steps and leave graffiti behind to become a full time R’n’B singer?

Legal: Haha I don’t know about that one. I have no musical talent I’m aware of.

BSCI:  I see you been doing mad spots with this guy Jake, ain’t that guy french? I thought peppers and anglos don’t like each other..

Legal: He is one of my favorite homies to paint with because he’s all about having fun. He doesn’t give a fuck and most of the time were laughing throughout the whole night. I’ve got plenty of french friends, thats one thing I love about montreal, all kinds of peoples.
When it comes to getting shit done, Jake is someone I can count on. He’s always down even when we’re smoked out. Definitely one of my favorite homies to paint with and I can’t wait to see how his styles are going to progress.

BSCI: I gotta say, the burners are piff fresh! Your styles are a killer combination, do you work the letters together?

Legal: I check his shit, he checks mine and we give each other little ideas on how to improve. Yeah I guess you can say we work some styles together, but we each doin’ our own thing. We’ve got a mutal respect for each others opinion for sure.
Any critisism is only constructive. Always shooting new ideas at each other over some fat spliffs about future projects and bombing ideas.

BSCI: Who are your other usual partners in crime?

Legal: I paint with Mos, Peace or Jake. These 3 are always active and always around. They know how to get busy. Day or night.

BSCI: Is there still always parties at Mos’ cribs? Haven’t been in forever..

Legal: Yeahh I can guarantee you that. Mos is a party man, his mentality; the more homies at the cribs the better. The party will neva stop. Holla!

With Mos and Mokar

With Dare and Fonkee (click to enlarge)

BSCI: Some people from outta town come here and say we are lucky to have so much graffiti around. What’s your opinion on the current situation in the streets of Montreal?

Legal: Yeahh everywhere you look in Montreal you’ll see graffiti. That’s definitely one of my favorite aspects to the city. In certain hoods more than others, a lot of shit runs for years and sometimes forever until its nice and faded. Nothing better than doing a spot and knowing it’s gonna run! This summer the city went buck and buffed all the highways even throughout every suburb, they buffed spots that had been running since the early 2000’s. Fuck ’em!

BSCI: I was gonna ask you about legal walls, if they should add some or what not. Then I realized any wall with your piece is a ”Legal” wall.

Legal: They dont need to put up any more legal walls i been putting up legal walls for them. Jays, still see you everyday, rest in peace my brother.