I write Lobs/Lobsta GDC AP OGM and I’ve been writing for the past 9 years since around late 2007. I’m born and raised in Providence Rhode Island.  Being from the North East I looked up to writers like Seaz DNA, Fonse RB, Owl Circle T, Spek ITD, Okto, Scan Da, Perve and many others. My style is pretty loose and bouncey while still having chunky/boldness developed from what ive been around and exposed to the most. my styles changes and grows the more I travel. I tattoo for a living so that comes through in different ways in my graffiti as well. Along with that I also sell paint out of my new shop ‘The One Collective’ located in Pawtucket Rhode Island. If your in the area or interested in coping feel free to message me on Instagram

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