Who you tryin’ ta mess with ese?
Don’t you know I’m loco?


I have stayed active since late 2017, trying to catch at least one a week but I have pushed it to as far as one every day of the week. What can I say I fucking love this shit! I’ll choose freights over a wall every time unless I know its a heaven or a runner.

I am based out of Houston Texas, Born in Mexico City.

I have so many writers & styles I admire, I would leave way to many out even if I tried to name a few. But the best way I can brake this down is I admire styles that take precision, attention to details, blends, & the risk. The same elements I use for my work.

I care more about quality over numbers, so I come with that mindset in every approach, to be one of those very rare occasions if you know what I mean. I think my ultimate goal is to get as close to Hyperrealism as I can & to be well-rounded writer.

Big shoutout to Bodhi & Monkey I miss yall so much! & to all my killers in Out Causing Panic!!

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