I grew up one city south of San Francisco and started to notice aerosol art in 1993, while in junior high. I used to take weekly trips to Chinatown and was really gravitated to Twist’s “Pancake faces” and “JP,” which I later realized was JE (Jase). For the first 4 years, I spent sketching, documenting, catching tags and painting throwies on freeway spots; but I always knew I wanted to pursue style writing.

I never had an elder writer show me the ropes but I was fortunate to be a bus ride away from a major graffiti hub and surrounded by several Tower Records shops. As part of the “magazine wave” of writers I was around to see the tail end of regional styles and took part in the natural style fusion that the internet would later excel.

When I was a freshman in college, I met Japan.DE who recently moved up for school. He was already established and had notoriety on boxcars, which at the time was not that popular. I used this as an opportunity to hone my styles, painting 3 trains a night 2-3 times a week.

Fast forward 6 years and a few hundred train pieces, to having my first kid. I took an honest look at my body of work and decided I needed to push beyond my comfort zone. I trashed the 3 styles I’ve been refining for years and decided to strive for diversity. Till this day my motivation is the same: Drastically Explore letterforms and work hard to come up with Fly concepts to spray.

Much love to my wife and 3 kids, my brother Mike Relm, the whole DE family & my FlyID brothers. There have been several writers whom I’ve painted more than a few trains or walls with, some I lost connection with throughout the years but will always appreciate their impact on me. In chronological order: Nock (RIP), Japan, Erupto327, Chez, Satyr, Amuse126, Eaz, SMK & True54

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