Interview by Rabies

Bombing Science: Who is Lush? Where are you from, how long have you been painting, what crews or people do you rep, and why did you start painting… ???

Lush: I’m from Melbourne Australia, 11 years ago, no crews. I put up GLF but its just out of respect.

BS: Do you believe in god?

Lush: No gods, no masters. If your living your life for some sky wizard that’s gotta be some hella boring life. Unless its Crom, then maybe you get pass because you’d be slaying haters and eating vultures raw whilst nailed to a tree.

BS: So tell us about your first time.

Lush: It was on the back fence of someone I’d beaten up at school. In retrospect that was a really wack thing to do. I think he’s a hairdresser now.

BS: What do you think of little kids looking at your work?

Lush: Kids love boobies, fart jokes and things being blown up. Well at least I did when I was a kid. I’m more worried about mommy and daddy. Mainly mommy if shes got nice fun bags. Kids aren’t stupid or innocent snowflakes they know what a pussy is and think its hilarious.

BS: Do you/did you go to art school, college, etc, how do you think that influenced you or didn’t influence your style?

Lush: Fuck throwing away money for all that garbage, its all about who you know anyways. I’d say if I blew the money all I’d get out of it is some haggard old guy who collects MG roadsters telling me my stuff is too linear. Art school could be a good place to rack stuff from through? I do need a new camera.

BS: How do the sex themes reflect your personality?

Lush: Painting and fucking, pretty much all I did in 2009. You do the math.

BS: WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE THING TO PAINT ON? Chill walls, freights, transit, etc…

Lush: I’m happy to paint anything, I like painting spots no "real" writer would even piss on, they were the spots I saw as a kid and got me interested in graffiti.

BS: What do you want to paint on that you haven’t yet?

Lush: I’m going to write some little story then paint each word separately, then put all the photos together in order after-woods to make the story complete. The surface or spot doesn’t really matter its all about the idea and or joke for me.

BS: Do you have a good signature? How’s your hand style?

Lush: I wouldn’t call it world class by any means but it does the job.

BS: What happened to your cat characters? Are they on hiatus?

Lush: Well I just don’t post bombing anymore.

BS: So, you’re a pervert? Or are you going to have kids some day?

Lush: Wouldn’t say I’m a pervert, I don’t take pictures of sunbathing girls at a beach with a telescopic lens or whatever. We’re put here to reproduce, not my fault reproducing is so much fun and makes for good jokes. I don’t want kids unless they are half Asian.

BS: Do you think the exploitation of women is a tired subject?

Lush: If you’re being exploited stand the fuck up and fight back yourself because in the end no one gives a fuck unless there is a buck in it or some kind of self satisfaction for themselves to help.

BS: What’s your sign?

Lush: I’m under the sign of the black mark.

BS: How do you connect with your audience/followers?

Lush: I rarely do, but when I do its usually love or a fist to the jaw.

BS: What public events or graff-related events do you support/participate in and why?

Lush: None, out here they are all stabby and I don’t relate to most writers out here anyways. This whole graffiti lifestyle brand, professional graffiti writer thing is hella lame. But goddamn that IRONLAK TM stuff is thick ( Yo send me a 12 pack or something.), you just get random Asian girls coming up to the wall from the smell of it sensuously rubbing your nads.

BS: What kind of politics do you follow? What do you think of the situation in the middle east?

Lush:Coming from Jewish blood I still don’t give a shit, like Metallica said "Kill em’ all".

BS: What do you jam out to on a regular basis?

Lush: I steal a lot of music so, but this week its been alot of Exhumed, Black Flag, Entombed and Hour of Penance. Listing to Tone Loc right now but, wylddd thanggg.

BS: What’s the beef between you and the p.o.?

Lush: No beef they are all amazing people who deserve our respect, god bless em’. They are selfless heroes, they are barrier that keeps us safe from the moraless heathen scum.

BS: What’s the penalties for getting caught painting in Melbourne ?

Lush: Hmm the last big writers who got fucked over got some nasty jail terms. What can you do, crime is crime. But fuck living scared of those who can destroy you. The laws in Melbourne are pretty over the top, even the human rights council kicked up a stink about the new laws passed in. Its funny because the city is much more smashed then I ever remember it being anyways.

BS: Do you want to say anything to the haters?

Lush: I most likely fucked your mom at a swingers party.

BS: How is your relationship with your parents?

Lush: They want me to make money because they are Jews. But I’m fightin’ the man ma bahaha!

BS: Is it important to have fun? Why?!

Lush: Because Too short said life is too short.