I write MAD/MADIZM WH and ESC are my two main crews. I’ve been writing since 1995. I am based out of Philadelphia. I’m a graffiti writer that tries to do it all. Not just streets, not just freights, walls, whatever. I want to paint everything and anything, I want to write my name everywhere and on everything. I try to paint it all from tags to throws, to straight letters to pieces. Even though I like painting everything, I am really focused on freights. There is just something about having your name/art traveling to places I would probably never get to visit or explore. And when I do travel, I try to travel out of the country as much as possible. I am a sucker for warm weather and nice beaches so you’ll most likely see me traveling around the Caribbean. However, I do need to make it to Europe and South America. And Colombia is next on my radar. My style is influenced, of course, from many of the great 90s Philly piecers such as Sew, Pre, Ced, Sat, Dna, Enem, and more. I know I am forgetting a bunch. And of course, you have some New York styles sprinkled on top of my influence. There are just too many to name. I have always admired most New York styles and writers and pretty much any pioneer that wrote on subway trains. And then my homies from North Jersey, Themo and Niyer/NYR, really helped push my style. Then a little extra euro flavored sprinkled in as well, Dare (rip), Swet, Can2, Bates, How, Nosm, etc. 
I really stay motivated by my crews. I am blessed to be part of some very tight circles/crews. That we always look out for each other and have great times when we all get to hang. This year I hope to keep painting as much as I can and I really want to push the boundaries of my art and skills and try things I either haven’t or am not comfortable with. 

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