Yoo I go by MAER one I rep MHV & FN.

I’m out of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.
Bin writing since late 2007. Was introduced to graff late, wasn’t until H.S I saw ERMS & RICH sketching in class I happened to ask if I could see. It was a wrap after that! I was lucky early on to come across some inspiring stylers in my city YANK & YAVE straight motivation to someday catch up! My boy TANK has always kept me on my toes!

Back then watching writers like KEEP6 and the SDK’s killing it on youtube was the best inspiration. Nowadays the writers I keep to my left and to my right are all I need to inspire me!

I won’t lie though my ultimate inspiration will forever be BOB ROSS! (RIP)

I consider my style wild style, it’s a freestyle every time. Upper case, lower case, or an unorthodox combination of the 2. I love a good letter structure but also constructing a piece off of just a few lines and seeing where it goes.

Shout out to BOMBING SCIENCE for the opportunity!

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