Yo! I’m MAN, and my main playground is London, UK. I’ve been writing for around 13 years now but doing rollers seriously for 8 years. Unfortunately, roller graff in the UK is a few years behind the USA and most of Europe… a lot of UK writers don’t think of it as “real graffiti”, simply because it isn’t done with cans. For me, though it is connected to the purest elements of getting UP, with rollers you can get high spots and go huge, which are great ways of making your stuff visible and hard to cover – what graff is about for me.
My main inspirations are my writing partner ARTIK, who is always pushing me to up the levels as well as early UK roller kings like ASET, TYPE, NFA crew, EDWIN, as well as international writers like STATIC UC, TEXAS & GANE and REM crew!

I love traveling and painting all sorts of surfaces with my friends. Thanks for featuring me and I’ll be bringing rollers to a city near you soon 🙂

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