MANYAK – I started with graffiti in 1988 in the suburbs or Paris. I mainly painted in France but also did in NYC, Bangkok, Tahiti, Netherland, Kosovo, Belgium, etc.
The writers that i really like are Dare, Toast, Delta, Does, Daim, Saber and many more.
My style is 3D, sometimes anamorphic or using the spot as a background for its space, textures, colors. I started to develop 3D around 95 when i was studying architecture and discovered Delta’s and Daim’s pieces. It offered me a way to deal with letters without struggling with the fillings. I could fill up according to lights and shadows and didn’t have to always find patterns and ornaments like 2D letterings. I think that i’m a minimalist about the designs, try my best not to lose the graffiti flow into the letterings and always try to find a good balance between full and void into my compositions.
I’ve never created my pieces with computer which is not a usual tool to me, im still attached to paper and traditional techniques.

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