1) Alright so thanks for taking the time out to do this interview, can you give us a brief introduction of how you got to this point? When did you start, what crew do you rep (if any), and what’s the story behind “mark”?

Hi. In the beginning I would like to thank you for interviewing and I hope it won’t be to boring haha. My First contact with grafitti I had in 2000 when I was with my friends we went to a nearby city as TSB ( The South B-Boys) crew for a break dance competition. It was my first HIP-HOP party where I got to know what that culture meant. The DJ was making impossible sounds on the gramophone, rappers were freestyles, and break dancing… But the most I remember when I saw walls done by UKF crew, I was totally impressed. I got to know all those guys and we were meeting but I was mostly partying and messing around.

Then I start watch local scene of graffiti SBE, WKU, BSR, AZ, AW and UKF cru, guys are still active in the game! Respect. .I also tried to paint something myself but it was only few walls and that is all. But graffiti always stayed in my mind. In the end of 2012 when I was already living in Ireland my friend was coming back to Poland and he give me few montana cans, so I decided to do paint something. It was at that moment when I really realized that this is it. Since that moment I started doing more and more walls. On Polish graffiti portal I got to know Durex and Oner  from Poland butsince they lived in Ireland, we got to meet and we made nice work and this is how I started my adventure with graffiti! I got super serious about graffiti. I’m currently representing 1MC/UKF/JBC crews (YO my men!)Why “Mark”? It is simple, because I love this letter and I love saying “Make your MARK”

2) First off, I love your work! Your colors are so vibrant and i really like seeing the step by step shots you show of your work, really cool. You also produce a ton of work which is really inspiring. Are you doing this as a full time job right now or are you just moonlighting it right now? If so how does the business of being an artist compare to the dream? Is it everything you wanted?

Thank you very much, it is nice to hear that you like it. Unfortunately it is not my full time job, maby some day… It is more full time passion for me.

3)  What is your favorite documentary or book that covers the history or major players of graffiti and why? Who would you say is your graffiti hero or idol if you had to pick one?

I really like film “Wholetrain” from 2006, German production. And of course must see “Men in Black 1,2,3” Polish production! From books I think “Goes – East” ‪1990-2012‬ but all books abut Graffiti and Street Art are good for me. I have few favorite writers but my top of the top is DOES. 

4)  One of the things I see you post a lot of is walls youve done at hip hop jam festivals like hip hop kemp. Can you tell us alittle bit about what goes on at these festivals? Is it just you tagging or is there a whole crew of guys out there? 

Yes, I had a chance to visit interesting places because of grafitti. I want to say big than you to all organizers for inviting me. And Hip-hop kemp festival is always on my list to go in August. We always go there with big bunch of friends, in the beginning only as festival goers but since the last few years we always trying to leave some colorful walls after us. It is always nice to come back and see your own work still on the wall. I want say hello to all my HH KEMP family! One love!

5) What is your favorite parrt of the graffiti scene? Is it the connection to hip hop and how you can celebrate the culture and all these different ways in jams and festivals?

I like to meet a new people with the same interests. There is nothing better than spending all day on hip hop jam, where you can listen to good music, see some dance skills and paint. And the after parties are the best

6) What do you think differentiates the Irish and Polish scene from other graffiti scenes around the world? Do you think the cultures that have emerged separately have benefited from the cross pollination of ideas from different cultures or do you think things end up bleeding together and start to look the same?

In my opinion there is no difference between Irish and Polish scene, the only difference is language. I know people from both scenes and everyone is doing their own job with their own style and everyone interesting.

7) Did you have any formal training in art? For those that are just getting started do you have any words of advice?

No, I never finished any art school. It is only pencil, piece of paper, good music and practice. And this what I can advise to all new people in graffiti

8) do you travel a lot? If so what are your favorite places to visit and hit? Any crazy travel stories you can share?

I visited part of Europe but it is never enough, there lots to see and paint But the most I like to come back to is Poland because I have lots of friends and lots of interesting jams where we can all meet. And on almost every jam something is happening because I meet lots of crazy people but those stories I prefer to keep to myself. 

9) Lastly i hope you and your family are doing well during this quarantine, how are you keeping yourself busy these days? Has this kept you away from graffiti at all?

Everything is good. Thanks. Hope you too. During this hard times I make some sketches in blackbook and I have safe wall where I can always go. So is not to bad. 

10) Any shout outs you would like to give? where can people follow you?
I want to say hello to all my crew mates 1MC/UKF/JBC/SPK to all my good people RÓŻA, TITOS, KTOŚ, REAL, KRESH, BONER and all Graffiti Writers You can follow my page on Instagram @mark_1mc_ukf

Interview by Wesley Edwards