I grew up in Bremerhaven (a port by the northern sea of Germany) and got in touch with graffiti writing in 1991. To me as a young gun that period of time was initial and mind-blowing seeing dancing letters on trains and walls. Racking cans and stuff, traveling and taking photos, feeling the intense power of britcore bands when seeing them live on stage at local jams – this cosmos seemed to me the perfect antipole to the ultraconservative religious education of my family.

Constructing letters and evolving my tags and pieces was always the magic force that kept me moving. In the beginning my letters were built with way too many twirls and attachments – I guess I was in search of “the perfect wild style”. The more I got into street-pieces and bombing actions the more I focused on the flow of letters. In my opinion, style writing offers the freedom to paint individual letters and to create unique pieces. When I go out and paint it’s all about “freestyle”, very rarely a sketch is the basis of a production (planning and constructing graffiti mainly happens when I am painting with my homies). Outlines are always the main part of my pieces, I guess. The foundation of a tag has always been an outline and so I love to construct my pieces that way – either way the piece comes out like a machine with strong details or it comes out like a simplistic boogie shape.


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