I write MARTE and I started to paint around 1996-1997 when I was really young and I started to do tags and I immediately started to paint bombing and street pieces. After more or less ten years I had a kind of break, and I restarted 7 years ago more seriously.

I’m based in Milan, more or less 6 months on 12 from a few years, but I love to travel and I love to paint around, it’s something really special to me.

I like different kind of styles: 3d styles like Peeta or Dado, fat cap  style like Smash137, Berst, Askew.. and niddle cap styles, I like fast stuff like Trun’s style, as 1-2 hours pieces, uncut stuff, very accurate stuff like Storm, I like new school and old school too, everything is original and with a good technique is cool.

The first thing i can say about my style is that is difficult to put me in a box or in a circle. In the last ‘90s and early 2000 I didn’t paint too many legal walls, maybe some of them was quiet illegal walls but I grew up with this idea: i don’t care where I paint my name as long everybody can read it, i want to paint my name in a so people recognize me from so far, or passing fast. Like: “ i can’t read it but that’s Marte for sure” I love that shit. 

My style now depends about how I feel, I paint letters everytime in freestyle, I don’t like to sketch because when I have free time I prefer to paint or party, sketching means spending free time at home, i prefer to stay outside in my free time, Italian street culture!!

When I paint graffiti I feel free, and freedom for me is freestyle, freedom is what makes me happy. Freestyling, like a blues player or a a jazz player, it’s what I am in that moment, thinking about  nothing, just painting.


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