I write MATE sometimes with a 2 because.. fuck knows. I’m part of the Better days crew, I have been writing since 2011 started doing the realism properly around 2017 

I’m originally from the southwest of the uk but been out Asia for awhile now.. even tho I’m British I would definitely say I represent Hanoi, Vietnam as a writer/artist. 

I’m gonna say the classic thing when it comes to people who inspire me and that’s my mates/crew.. looking at writers/artists stuff I like is just eye porn but it’s the people I paint with that I actually learn from and keep me progressing. 

I guess My style is pretty polarized as it’s either “art fag” realism or chrome n black bombing with the occasional half assed piece thrown in every couple months. With the bombing side I like chrome n black simple straights and on the realism side I paint images with high contrast, multiple light sources and I try to paint kinda loose as to try and make it look kinda like an oil painting rather to the classic ultra smooth Belin or smug style. 

Guess that about it.. cheers for putting me up.

RIP phed and enz one xxxxx

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