My Name is Max Solca. I live in Malmö Sweden since 2012. Ive been painting since the 90th century. My kind of graff has changed over the years. Today I do mostly paintings based on ideas I have, and try to choose the perfect spot to fulfill the purpose. Sometimes the urge for different objects decides the motive. I try to have fun and try to stay motivated because I think this might be my purpose in life all tho it doesn’t give me much money:) My inspiration comes as for anyone from everybody and everywhere. Stylewise I think Finsta has a unique way to make objects and characters look interesting. Ive lerned a lot from him in the beginning. But nowadays more messy styles appered and they are also extremely interesting to look at, like “Trashgraff”. People seem to hate on it but a lot of styles and ideas are very much based in old more classic graffiti and I think that should be considered when youre watching new school Ignorant styles. Then my inspiration comes a lot from Comics. The way of telling a story or a feeling as simple as you can, can never be as effective as in comics. We have a lot of amazing comicwriters in Malmö and I studied comics for 2 years when I first arrived here. In the future I hope I have the possibility to paint as much as I want. And don’t get interrupted by health, work or security guards.
Its just a small layer of paint that hopefully means something to someone.

@sweetstreet, @eurotrash040, @imon_boy, @superspray, @martin_olssonn, @mujergitana, @leezaewald

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