I write Maze One, but sometimes I feel like there’s more to it so I also do Mazy or Mazer. Currently, I am based in Sofia, Bulgaria. 

My first tags appeared 17 years ago behind the building where I grew up in the town of Veliko Turnovo. The next year we formed our crew and started bombing the streets and also the trainyards in the cities nearby. During this time we were deeply influenced by the New York Hip-Hop and graffiti culture. I’ve got a special love for it to this day. The last few years I am working as a freelancer in the field of graphic design, so my pieces changed a bit in order to explore new horizons. I am influenced by all kinds of retro art, electro music, futurism – simplicity, patterns, gradients. I am not chasing quantity but quality right now as there’s a lot more to do in life at this stage. Graffiti is always a time well spent so I’d love to keep it this way and have fun with it.

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