What up bombing science, My name is Mec Mec1.  I’m from Boston Massachusettsand rep LMA.Lynn Mass. I started graffiti back in 2000 and from 2000 to 2005 I was hitting the streets. From 2005 I took a vacation I didn’t want to take. I came out 2015 and got right back to it. Growing up north of Boston the writers that I admired where Arsen, Spek,Hare, Melo Vault, I mean the list could go on. Nowadays I’m really Feeling what Geser 3A, RoGeR, Bean, and Hoacs is doing and I loved what king Scan was doing R.i.p. R.i.p to king Teaz as well true Boston King. As for style I have that Northshore Fly Lynn style I feel like my style comes a lot from Arsen and old school Melo. I like to keep my letters dancing and keep them structured. I been trying new things Lately. Right now the Graffiti scene in Boston is good I mean it’s not the 90s but it’s good a lot of people are really starting to embrace it. Got a lot of good things to come. I want to thank Bombing Science for this opportunity and my crew LMA, Odds&Evens and my girl Mindy for motivating me everyday to live my dreams.

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