So I just wanted to share a little back story to the MECSter! I first noticed his work about 20 years ago on my train route to work! At this time 20years ago I had no idea that the creator of the art work I loved so much would later literally love me back! A word to the people… NEVER GIVE UP! 
    This man started harnessing his skill 20 years ago and he’s only in his 30’s! Mec is a motivated and talented artist, great dad and wonderful man! I’m totally bias considering he’s my favorite person ever! Getting back to the story, Mec, like many people in the graffiti world has had his fair share of battling! From the pull of the street and friends to so many other distractions this  man lost 7 years of mastering his skill! 
        Which brings me back to my point. This MAN after a 7 year hiatus comes back harder, stronger and better than ever before. Within the two little years back in the game he’s been all around the US painting and networking! Researching his next moves and ways to change the game as we know it! He shares more good ideas than he keeps at times! Which just shows his giving and humble nature! He just wants to see everyone win!! 
       Graciously speaking he is the most humble artist I’ve ever known (being the daughter to an artist it’s easy to say!) He’s a huge inspiration for me and my passions! I have watched as he creates a crowd just doing his thing, minding his business! What he creates may not be a big deal to many parts of the world but what matters is that the world that does know him… loves him, respects him and my proudest looks up to him! Even people he’s never met can’t help but to approach to ask about his craft!  I haven’t ever been more proud to say I love someone as I do he! 
     With all that is ahead of you only the sky is the limit! I want to wish my greatest love the happiest of birthdays and take the time to publicly acknowledge my sentiments of pride in you and the journey you have chosen to conquer!! I have my sword sharpened and ready to stay in battle by your side the rest of our days! A tip of the hat to the most humble artist I know and love!!! So proud to know you, have you and love you! To many more features, invites and so many lanes we haven’t even scratched yet, to you and our best life! Cheers! Thank you and you’re welcome( Maui voice)