We’re MEGA & ROMEO, also known as Daddies Nasty Sons, 2 writers from the north of the Netherlands. We both started practicing electric boogie and breakdance in the 80’s and got in contact with graffiti via videoclips shown on MTV. It didn’t take long before we got hooked on writing. We are both into lettering, but also love to paint production walls. Our style can best be described as classic (new york) graffiti with new influences. We love to paint production walls but also like to do pieces in abandoned buildings. We have done pieces in different countries and are brothers in paint. Last year we released our own book too. We are known for having a very clean style and we love to be colorful when it comes to pieces. Swinging letters that do electric boogie moves, is a good way to describe our forms… enjoy the pictures!

MEGA & ROMEO pics:

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