I write Menas.  Pronounced the same as Menace. Home base is New Jersey but I like to travel all over the states!  Looking to leave the country very soon as well.  My style is all about letter structure and flow.  Every now and then I’ll throw a character in but I’m definitely a letterhead.  I get inspired by all types of artists but mostly people that work hard on their craft and are always getting better and can push me to get better.  Guys like Hoacs, Enem, Trace, Lobs, Kemr, this guy Vayne has been crushing lately,  Reds, Ruste.. these people crank out a high volume of quality work in all aspects of graffiti.  Style-wise I’d say my biggest inspirations are dudes like Taste, Geser, Agens, Mek fua.  These guys all BURN and they constantly are evolving their letter structure.  Big shout out to bombing science for reaching out for the feature ?? happy new year!!

INSTAGRAM: @menas24711