Laying on the floor I tried to stir the tub of paint with the stick that was in my hand, laughing to myself at how many blue lights and slow moving suspicious cars were passing down below. Another new spot, another few hours of adrenaline management. The ridiculousness and beauty of it all becomes funny after a while.
I recently spoke to Meps, a writer who understands the action, the cat and mouse and nature of it all.

Whats graffiti to you?
What’s graffiti to me? very simple, a lifestyle not an image

Do you remember your first piece?
yea my first piece was at a old penit (bando) we use to have here in Miami called Rinker penit. It was a IGA piece I had sketched out, shit was a mess but got it done and was actually wry happy with it at the time. I still have that sketch till this day actually

What got you into graff in the first place?
I use to break dance back in the day and when we would lay out the cardboard to dance, we would all do our breaking names on the cardboard and I would always catch myself more intrigued on doing my name then dancing, plus seeing the spots done on the streets and wondering how the fuck did they do that

What keeps you interested in graffiti?
Just love this shit man. Doing it within it’s context illegally with my dawgs/crew, just that itch that hasn’t gone away.

What kind of spots do you like to paint and why?
I like painting everything but the streets is where it’s at for me, billboards, rooftops etc. There’s nothing like driving by ur spot the next day knowing the missions you went through to get it done.

Can you tell us a particularly memorable occasion from painting. Whatever that is.
Oh man that’s a hard one, there’s so many. The one that always comes to mind is when my boy verse had to toss reds over a pretty high fence, and I had to catch her on the other side to get away from a chase. That shit was funny ass fuck

How would you describe your style and who are your inspirations
Aggressive, always trying to go bigger n better. Coming up guys like siner, mecs, freek, Dk, bates, revok, just to say a few

Anything youre trying to focus on in your style at the moment?
Im always trying to come up with something new and switch it up, love playing with letters n getting funky. I don’t like being restricted to a certain style, just paint as free as possible. I’m my worst critic after I paint something I dissect the fuck out of it until I hate it.
practically, learn from it and keep it moving.

You can find more of Meps HERE
Interview by @somekindofbible