I started painting in 1996 mostly silver fills and tags for a few years, then I left a good while and in about 2006 I came back stronger thanks to a group of friends. I was lucky to live in the Prat de Llobregat a town in Barcelona where there was a lot of hip hop, Graffiti … and that could be seen in the streets, I wanted to participate in all of that for the same reason I started painting. We were also lucky to have a great area where you could see amazing walls of the best graff writers from Barcelona such as Biz, Heiz, Fasim, Rocky…I have always liked the style of New York so I have always looked at its pioneers.  I think my style is a mix between the new and the old, a lot of connections in the letters with very bright colors.  and always accompanied by characters that amuse me a lot to make them.

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