I write MERS. I’ve been a member of the CBS crew for over twenty years and a member of LORDS crew for over ten.

I found graffiti at a very young age. I was about thirteen, back then Krylon had the name stickers on the color caps. It’s almost incredible that I became interested in graff at all because where I grew up was way off the grid in the forests of Washington state. It was the furthest place from any form of graffiti. Maybe that’s why I was drawn to it because it was so foreign than anything I was used to. My love of graffiti brought me to Losangeles right after high school and that’s where I’ve been living and painting ever since.

I think the writers I most admire are my friends.
Maybe it’s true that when you know someone you like their art more. I feel lucky to have so many talented friends and they all inspire and support me. To all my crewmates and true friends, you know who you are.

So when it comes to my style, I’ve always been drawn to the three-dimensional side of things. It’s just where my mind naturally goes to. I think my approach to graff is a little unorthodox, I don’t think my letters even follow the norms of traditional 3D graffiti. I just really like to do my own thing. I try to incorporate a character element and a graphic design approach to my murals. I want my paintings to tell a story and really engage with the viewer. I’m always thinking of that interaction.

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