MES – I’m a writer from Milan Italy, I’m part of the Bn crew (which I founded in 96 together with Reeno Dosher) and I started painting around 94/95…so it’s been almost 30 years now…well in so many over the years I have had various stylistic periods but the thing I have always tried to carry on is certainly the search for my own style and at the same time the evolution of the letters…and this was very often characterized by my character and mood of the moment…. another favorite trait of mine is freestyle painting because i love the feeling of expressing myself at the same time i have to do the piece…since for me what matters at the end (and also at the beginning) are the letters often the my colors are monochrome or chrome and certainly without elaborate backgrounds…even if sometimes I like to play with colors and colorskeme…I have always taken a lot of inspiration from the New York style and my favorite writer of all time is the great Ces, and immediately after comes Bates…then Tats crew. guys sorry but I sent more than 10 photos because I was undecided… you can select the ones you like best… I hope it’s not a problem! with this I sincerely thank you and goodbye! MesBn crew

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