I write MESK. Repping the CBS crew. Canadian bomb squad chapter. Residing in western Canada & currently calling the city of Calgary my home. I have been writing graffiti since the early 2000s. And like many others, It quickly became an obsession of mine. I love all aspects of graffiti. From tagging & bombing to trains to burners & wildstyle. I have fun with all of it, and that’s the main reason I will always continue to do it. I do it for myself, my crew & friends, the stories & journeys we go through, and the good times we share together. That’s always been my main source of motivation. 
My biggest inspiration comes from my crew. Some mates I will mention Elser, Knoes, Brave, Exaust, Klozer, Bluntz, Scrypt, Gunk, Anemal (RIP) & more.Also, one of my best friends since day one; KEYES CBS has been a huge influence. Other writer’s styles I’m feeling right now: Asoter, 7 Seas, Atlas, and a lot of the stuff coming out of LA. I’ve always been inspired by LA / West Coast styles, Tattooing, Script & Calligraphy, Gothic lettering & evil shit, Thanks too bombing science for the feature.

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