Name: MICRO 79

Crew/s: Bad Taste Cru,TNS

Location: Born and bred in Omagh, Northern Ireland, now living in Newcastle UK

Background: I have been painting on and off for some time now, I am a bboy first and foremost and have been breakin for over 17 years in battling/ teaching/judging/performing and organizing b-boy events . However due to injury and getting older, I have spent the last few years concentrating on painting and trying to develop my style, letters and techniques. My day job is a teacher/arts project leader. I try to combine my interests with my career as much as possible so I can have a rewarding and creative lifestyle. 

My Style?: mmm I would say it has evolved alot since I started taking painting a bit more serious. I look back at some of earlier stuff and cringe. Everyone starts somewhere! 

I want to thank Cron (TNS) Amor (NM) Kigs (TTK) and Ogre (France) for helping me develop and challenge what I could do. 

I have always loved wildstyle/style writing and that’s what I aspire to, I admire that classic bboy style of graf and these things combined have been a big influence on my development. 

I like to paint as neat and tidy as I can, try interesting colour schemes and drop in a character sometimes. I love painting with other people, trying new things and learning.

I am influenced by cartoons, sneakers, video games, B-Movies/ninja/kung fu movies, b-boy/hip hop culture, hip-hop/funk/punk/metal/oi music, my crews and much more. 

I also like to make videos, most of these are inspired by the above, and are pretty bad but I enjoy it. Check my instagram for the videos. 

Writers whos style I admire? There are so many amazing writers its hard to say, but people who I check are Tones Rock, CVK Crew, Ster, Ekto, Skore79, Hoacs, Bates, Inch,Fours Crew, Amor, Bacon, Awone, Ogre, Riot, Apashe, Fakt, Soten, Kigs, Goser, Serval, Phet1, Asmoe, Nerks, Bandits Crew, ah the list could go on. !

Thanks to Bombin Science for giving this opportunity, really appreciate it.!

Shouts to... Bad Taste Cru  Battalions Cron, Inch, Nylon and the TNS lads, , Amor, Kilo (Sin), Skam (FDZ), Tuff Tim Twist, Ogre, Rench , Kigs, Sune, The Arches, Colours Newcastle, Rask (TDA), Noys, Aser, Tel2, Joe Rock, Gribz1, Born2, UKGraffitiPhotos, Brian Peppers, Shaw Bros, Godfrey Ho, Green Brigade, RB Posse, Grange Park Crew, Flowrex, Belfast City Breakers, Seek, DJ ADS, Rick Fury, DJ Ideal, Hines, Enlish, COTMB, Mouse, Freeze, Stuntman, Floor Phantom, Poe One and Ken Swift.

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