I am MicRoFiks, 46 years old, come from Oldenburg, Near the North Sea coast, Germany. I drew my first sketches in the early 90s. I was skater inspired at that time by the graphics of Santa Cruz and Powell Peralta. Also by the local sprayers like Sere and Zimt. And a short time later by CanTwo, Atom. I drew some illegal pictures but then I just sketch and skateboarded hard.

I have always been interested in other art styles. have always painted on canvases and in blackbooks. Portraits, abstract art and graffiti styles. Very rarely times on the wall.

Until 2018. Uska from the ABS crew has taken me old man to paint a Legal Wall and since then I paint regularly very much until today. I Write the Name Fiks or Rofiks or Microfiks.My letters need to make a party and jump out at you. I like realistic lighting of the blocks and blind bling. And Charakters are always nice.

I admire the Pieces of Sbeck, Mr.Baker, Barok, motick, Smoe, still cantwo and many many others.
Sorry for my bad english. Would be very happy to see a feature. Best colorful greetings

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