Hello everybody!
My Name Is Mike128, I’m Born in Vittorio Veneto (Treviso, Italy).
I started painting in 1996, with my all friends. We sere about thirty boys and girls of those who had taken it seriously, who so, like a joke, and who in an anarchist way. In those years there were no Hall of Fame in Vittorio Veneto, so we always painted at night, illegally.
The funny thing is that we moved in a group: who drew, who made the pole (which were usually the ones that made the most confusion) and friends of friends, we always ended up with a stampede given the mess we made.
Some after time I met the writers from Conegliano and there was a Hall of Fame: I spent a veeeeeeery lot of weekends painting in the Pitoni parking and I started to take it seriously, with body and soul into it.
My favorite writers in Italy are ERON, SKAH, CENTO, and the crews I most admire TDK, EAD, CKC, THP, LAC.
Among foreigners I was crazy for DARE, DAIM, LOOMIT, CAN TWO and the King New Yorkers like PHASE2, SEEN, DONDI, BLADE, LEE.
In the early 2000s, I stopped painting until a few years ago when a friend put the spray in my hand and I immediately felt an incredible emotion.
I went back to painting with the 3D style that I love! My favorites in this style are DADO, PEETA, DAIM, ED-MUN, MADC, ZURIK etc. etc. Last but not least: The colors saved my life Thank you very much for giving me this space and I greet my family: PAF crew and DT crew. My EPIC friend Pocket Clouds and all the people who love me!

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