I write Minus One or Minuske from Brooklyn, New York.
and I’ve been writing since 99. I’m a big fan of all aspects of graff, I spent years just tagging catching fills ins and straight letters before I attempted a piece and I think that’s necessary for well-rounded writers to have skills in every area.
My biggest influences are my crewmates in CrimeStyle Family and 2DX crew, I feel like my style was getting kind of stuck so to speak until I linked with Dek and the rest of the guys and pushed me to do things outside of my comfort zone.
I think it shows in my style where I like doing traditional semi-complex burners, but sometimes ill take a simpler approach to the letters,
make them rounder and bolder and focus on the composition between letters, background, and characters.
My influences outside of the graff scene I think are pretty obvious,
a lot of my inspiration comes from Anime and classic American cartoons.
Some of my pieces have Jet engines attached to them as a sort of hybrid machine/burner.
That mostly comes from my love of Scifi and Spaceship design. Other times what I paint is determined solely by what colors I have available, got blue cans, ok maybe rock a sonic, if I can make him character interact with the piece even better and it flows from there.
The Method may change but the objective is always to Flex.
Thanks, Bombing Science for reaching out, shout out to my Graff partners and motivators Gigs, Dek2dx, Zers, all My brothers who inspire me Nerds, Jins, Smirk, Egore, Mast, Take, Asult, Modus etc too many of yall but its all love.
All my Homies in Watc, Tis, SB and Most important shout out to the homies who aren’t here, Zexor, Foot, Vato, Zno, Bak.

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