Interview by Dan James

Bombing Science: Of course the obligitories. What do you write? Who do you rep’? What’s your favorite paint color and maker? What’s your favorite object to paint?
I write MISE, aka MAD MONEY MISE, aka SWAGR. I rep Boston and many crews, CONTROL,156 Allstars, DBM, NVS, (T) and TUFF CITY, KTC. My favorite color is green. I love pilots, sharpies and those On The Run markers. My favorite thing to paint is walls and trains.
BS: Mise is an interesting name. Does it mean anything to you or just a letter combo?
Yeah its short for MISER, one who hordes money. I’ve been know to get money in lump sums over the years. HaHa
BS: Boston seems like a neglected scene. Do you feel that’s justified? What do you feel is the cause? Lack of writers? Lack of a care to take photos? A grand conspiracy to keep the irishman outta graff?

HaHa, keeping the irishman like myself out of graff will never happen. Not as long as Boston exist. I guess its neglected in some ways cause its small and their isn’t much bombing going on these days and most stuff is painted underground in certain spots. Boston was def a more solid scene back in the 90’s, which it seems half the writers here are still stuck there and dont want to move on and make new history. The 90’s was a great era, everything was being done and being done with style. That’s one thing I have to say about alot of writers from here and the surrounding areas. They got styles that look different from one and another. Some of the crews got similar styles as a crew, but they vary very differently from camp to camp. Also the police out here are ridiculous. They have too much money to waste on their bullshit vandle squad. who basically harrass writers at art shows, and do investigations, and have been known to file false paper work and lie to try to convict write! rs. It’s kind of pathetic. These people are the ones with problems. Its their mission in life to stop what they cant. Just like the drug war. it will never stop. Its a shame though at the same token that we don’t have legal walls to rock. If they wanted to get kids from bombing the streets, some of them might actually piece more and go in a different direction. But as long as you suppress it the more problems your gonna have. They haven’t got it through there thick heads that it will never stop and we will never stop.

BS: Was it hard coming up in Boston? Were there any neighborhood influences or were you on your own?
Man I got shit on when I was a toy for like the first 5 years I painted no one wanted to help me out. It wasn’t until I linked up with Wombat in like ’95 that I really stepped my game up. Wombat, in my opinion is one of the best from his era and a graff legend out here. I grew up looking at him and SP one. I was influenced with what was going on all around boston and outside of it I think. From areas like Cambridge, and Lynn the most.
BS: Your style seems to have stayed true, evolving but always staying to a standard design. Very legible and straight-forward. Was that by accident or was by design?
I’m not really sure. I just know that I dig traditional graffiti but with the new school twist. Sometimes I feel that if you stick with what you know it’s gonna work best and then you can’t lose. I’ve tried to do outrageous non legible styles with too many arrows, and in the end it never worked for me. I’ve always focused one movement. Years ago my boy TEMP had talked about it one time and then that was it. So i try to keep the letters simple with simple clever connections and arrows. These days im heavly influence by whats going on in Copenhagan. Its my favorite graff scene, and has some of the illest writers out there. Through my travels there ive learned so much and became more and more motivated to get to the way those guys do it. 
BS: You seem to have an affinity for the b-boy characther, something you don’t see as much as you should nowadays. You ever rock the cardboard square?
HA, yeah I rocked the cardboard square when I was a little kid back in the 80’s, I had a mean back spin and crab walk son! I’ve loved characters since day one. They are part of the reason I got into this, so i feel like it’s necessary for me to bust them out and get better at them. They represent the attitude of the writer I think and it keeps that old school funk still in the game.

BS: In the same vein you ever step to the microphone?
Oh yeah, I’ve actually done a few tracks. I used to spit but never got to the point where I wanted to go all the way like graff. Too many cats think they can rhyme. I hang with some of the baddest MC’s from boston, and I know what it takes to be the man on the mic, and where I’m at in my life I dont have the time or hunger to go there. I also grew up on Boston hardcore, and played in Brawl Park a local hardcore band. So I got a good history on both hiphop and hardcore.
BS: Boston seems like a violent city, not guns or knives just alotta fistfights. Is that a good assestment? If so, any good neighborhood brawl stories?
HaHa, yeah thats a good assement. There are guns and knives, but as far as the brawls hell yeah. It’s like in our blood out on a night when your suppose to be having a good time HaHa. I’ve been in my share of brawls especially growing up going to hardcore shows. In those days it seemed like beefing was an every day thing. It’s the same with graff. I’d rather break your jaw than get in a cross out war any day. Unfortunatley, these days everyone is a tough guy online and crossing cats out without leaving a name. From what I know before my time in the early 80’s with the gangs in boston you’d get jacked up real quick being a writer beefing.
BS: I’ve seen you do ink too. Anything you particularly dig putting on people?
Yeah, I tattoo for a living these days. I like doing letters graff or scripts, I’m getting more into japanese stuff latley. I’m trying to head in a direction of doing big bold bright colored pieces.

BS: I like to hit people off with some rapid-fire questions here:
1.) Bombing or piecing? Piecing
2.) Steak or chicken? Steak
3.) Lager or ale? Lager
4.) PC or Mac? Mac
5.) God or no God? God, mos def.
BS: I know you’re people’s with Bates. Have you had a chance to step over to his turf?
If so what did you think of the scene over there and how it compare’s to over here?

Yeah Bates is my man. Solid guy and one of the most pro on-point writers I’ve ever met. True style master. Oh man I dont know where to begin about his turf. Copenhagan is the best scene I’ve ever been too still. So many walls and trains and the streets just killed. Doing the trains out there is the shit. I cant compare Boston to Copenhagan other than it being small like here except with way more writers, and way more painting going on that’s for damn sure. Those guys really take care of me when I go. I have to give a shout out to some of the others, TIWS SOTEN BLEND KERZ and STORM. These guys kill it. Some of the coolest cats I’ve met overseas.
BS: How you feeling about the current state of the country? Everything from Obama to the ever increasing police state.
Hopefully Obama can help turn this mess around. I don’t care what people say, we’re a land of oppurtunity not a land of freedom. So many damn petty laws, too many fucking cops. They allow people to sell crazy amounts of guns, so their solution is to have more cops everywhere and build prisons. I’m completely against the prison system, I did time and I know how it doesn’t work. But, that’s another story.
BS: Do you any other creative outlets beside graffiti? If so, do you think one tops the other? 
Well I got my tattooing and I used to do music. Other than that traveling is where its at but, of course I paint when I do so those are my to favorite things. 
BS: Any good getting up stories? 
I think the last time I was in Paris was the most fun. Running the streets and crushing the neighborhoods, and then going back and taking pics of the stuff with mad people in the street looking at you like what the fuck. Last time I was in Berlin I had a little trouble with the Law but I hate to say it those were the coolest cops I could have met.
BS: When not writing what do you do?
When not writing I’m drawing or tattooing. If not I’m out hearing some good music, talking to ladies. I travel as much as I can.
BS: Are you of the sketch school or do you walk up to a wall and feel a piece out?
I def like to sketch, cause you save mad time in flipping your style and progressing it. Then when you bring it to the wall you want to change things and loosen it up, that’s how I get down.

BS: Do you think there is anything that pre-disposes someone to graffiti? I’ve heard a few people talking about how maybe a kid being neglected could work towards him looking for fame to belong. 
Yeah I definatly believe it, most graff writers aren’t squares that’s for sure. They’re definatly the type of people who are angry or have issues to rebel. I think by bombing you’re releasing that tension on society or whatever you call it. Artists are all crazy.
BS: What’s in the stereo these days?
Shit any hiphop from the 90’s. Mobb Deep or DIP SET, I was bangin’ out to HELL RELL today.
BS: If you could paint with anyone, time or place not a matter. Who do you think it would be?
Dondi, I’m not sure. Their’s alot of writers out there I want to get down on a wall with. I got some stuff lined up for the future so I’m sure I’ll reach all my goals with alot of the writers at some point. I really want to get out to New Zeland. Those TMD guys straight kill it!
BS: Anything you want people to know you’re doing? And of course any shouts if you like.
I might have slowed down but I’m still painting, if you dig my style word up, if you don’t word up too. I love painting for my mind and for my friends. If you get sick of hearing about me, then I’ve done something right. So I’m not going anywhere and their is nothing you can do about it. Shouts to the 156 allstars and the rest, and to all my friends I’ve met around the world. Peace.