My name is Moet from Uprising crew (UPC). I was born in Slovakia and later, before I reached my 20s I moved to the UK. In my early days, I painted a lot of “street” back home, obviously as a young boy my hunger for bombings and tags grew up what lead into many problems with the police so I decided to leave the country. At the moment I’m based in London, painting mainly legal walls. Nowadays, for me painting graffiti is more about fun, laughing and chilling with my mates. Quality over quantity. No ego wars, Please 🙂

I would describe my style as sort of semi-wild, clean lines, symmetry and sharpness. Still a lot of room for improvement.
No big goals for me in the graff game, just basic stuff like getting better by every piece I paint, meet new people around the world, and have fun.
Big love and respect goes to UPC and my friends. You are my true inspiration.

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