Once you start using Molotow ONE4ALL line of markers, you simply can’t go back to using anything else. There are no acrylic based markers on the market that have the same range of versatility, colours and overall quality. Starting with 127HS, the 2mm tip allows you to do precise line work as well as detailed accents on most surfaces you’re doing a canvas, your skateboard or customizing a pair of fresh sneakers. You can also switch up the nib to get finer lines so that you can really get in there and do some super precise type work. Now, let’s talk about the actual paint found in the markers… Well, coming from Molotow, you already know it’s going to be top quality. You get a high pigment, silk matt finish which is universal for all the colours.


This paint can cover pretty much any surface and it comes out very opaque and solid, unlike a lot of other markers. Though not optimal, it’s still relatively easy to fill in large areas even with a 2mm nib. It has a pretty solid UV resistance which means your colours will last longer and fade less over time. Another amazing thing about these markers is that the paint is easily diluted with water or acetone.This means you can water down your colours and make them more transparent and less strong which opens up a whole world of creative opportunities.


The Flowmaster Pump Valve from Molotow is not just a fancy title; it actually works extremely well providing a consistent flow through the whole time. The patented capillary system is also another jewel from Molotow that gives their markers that extra consistence and quality over the competitors. For anyone who extensively used acrylic sketching markers for black books down to custom hats, this system is by far the most consistent, reliable and most fun to use.The 127HS has a big brother, the 227HS which is a 4mm version that also holds more paint and allows covering larger surface areas more effectively. You get the choice of different nibs which is cool because sometimes the round nib does not give you the desired effect so you can switch between flat, round  and high flow.

The lines come out buttery smooth and solid. Outlining big pieces with these markers is the best part. The lines come out looking similar to what you would expect if you had the tiniest spray can. Speaking of spray cans, these colours are all compatible with the Molotow premium line which once more opens creative doors most other brands simply don’t offer. To make things even better, you can re-fill your marker as long as you wish. They have two refill sizes, the big bottles of 180ml and smaller ones of 30ml . You have a choice of 34 colours to choose from and the best part about the refill paint is that you don’t have to use it just for markers. You can use them with paint brushes, air brushes and other types of markers or in the case of the 30mm refills you can use them straight out the bottle. Hell, you can even put some all over you hands and get real expressive with it. That’s the beauty of this line; the unparalleled amount of versatility is a true blessing for visually creative people.

Review by Stan