When it comes to quality spray-paint, the Molotow Premium line is definitely on the top of the list. Since 1996 Molotow has been perfecting writing tools by developing innovative technologies which sets their products in a category of their own. We’re talking about twenty years of experience boiled down to a science. Everything is conceived, developed and made in Germany with the goal of producing the best.


Their branding and over all classic hardware-store look has not changed much over the years but, it’s what is found inside the can that makes this the overall best paint on the market, IMO. The 400ml Premium line was the world’s first spray-can designed with the artist in mind. This means lots of colors specifically made for harsh outdoors conditions and a valve system which allows ultimate control. The Molotow Flowmaster valve is made extratough with a robust gasket and steel spring but it does not feel tough on the finger. It’s actually quite smooth and precise. It’s also really reliable in extreme conditions whether it is in the freezing cold or mid day in the middle of the desert, the output always stays consistent. However the biggest star of the show is the actual paint. First of all, there are 251+ colors to choose from. This means an endless possibility of color schemes and shading options. I would not say all 251+ colors are absolute bangers, because every brand of paint struggles with certain pigments in different shades like some yellows and greens but for the most part, it is superior in every class and the choice is unmatched.

Unlike most conventional spray-paints, Molotow Premium paint is UV resisting due to the fact that they use quality pigment to start, which is then ground four times rather than just once. The pigment is in a finer grain making it hard for the elements to penetrate through the layers. It is not a gimmick; this stuff really works because it’s based on science rather than pure hype. This is often evident when you notice the degradation of a certain wall or freight over time and you see the non Molotow colors chip and fadeaway from the harsh sun while the Molotow ones are still looking really healthy years later. One thing you might notice when using the Premium line is that there is very little overspray. The paint stays glued to the wall with no dust bouncing back in to the atmosphere which is favorable when you’re painting indoors or poorly ventilated areas. This is a low pressure can with extremely dense pigments so you won’t see it drip unless you want to. The coverage on most cans is excellent but some pigments need an extra layering in order to get that pop and get the true color. Being from the great white North, one of my personal favorite things about the Premium line is you can paint with it in the blistering cold or snowy, even rainy conditions without any major problems. The paint dries fast and the outline never gets eaten by the undercoat. Essentially, this is of the same quality of high-end car paints and to get that in a can made for graffiti or any type of aerosol art is amazing. It’s also affordable, considering its superior quality which far surpasses most competitors.  


Artist: CRANE

For those who want the same quality of paint but in a larger format more suited for high coverage and fast street type action, Molotow offers the Premium Plus line. This is a 600ml option in their twelve most covering colors including chrome. The major differences other than the size and amount of paint, is the output coming from the valve. The Premium tall cans are slightly more high pressure allowing a faster flow of paint which allows faster coverage of large areas. They also come with a pink dot which is appreciated. Both the Molotow Premium and Premium Plus are unmatched in terms of quality and are undoubtedly the best paint you can get on the market. I highly, very strongly recommend.

Check out our video review of Molotow Premium here

Review by Stan