I paint Mosk and I come from Rijeka, Croatia. My first attempt to paint a graffiti piece was in 1998, and as you might have presumed, I haven’t stopped since then. As a youngster I shifted from style to style, technique to technique, and wasn’t afraid to experiment. Eventually it lead me to conclusion that I’ve taken the classic style and lettering approach for granted, and decided it was time to get into it. Sketching is always the main part of the “problem solving”. I started using bigger formats just so I could be more free with lines and movement on the surface. Rock’n’roll music was always my main motor, so last couple of years I started incorporating elements inspired by album covers from psychedelic to progressive, stoner to hard rock. Implementing new ideas and approaching from different angles always seems to refresh my creativity. Music, graffiti, art, film, pop culture, technology, no matter what, influences are drawn from many places, references, categories, what would you expect from living in the postmodern age. I don’t mind, in fact, I’m very much ok with it. And that’s one way to keep myself interested in anything creative I pursue.

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