I am from Brussels (Belgium),

I started in 1989, but my passion at the beginning was the tag and the tag … the graffiti it was for the artists, and I’m not an artist, but a 100% vandal, I wanted my blaze to be everywhere, from the street to the metro, I was active vandal nonstop until 1996. After 17 arrests by the police and without having ever had any proof of my involvement, the judge threatened to go to a correctional facility (juvenile prison) if I was still involved in a graffiti case.

After I remained active until 2003 but that on quiet plans, during this period I started doing graffiti in the urbex … then over time I stopped to focus on family and work.

In 2016 I met a childhood friend with whom we were very active … he offered me 2 boxes of bombs and said to me this weekend we are going to paint … and since then we have relaunched our group of childhood to know KSA, which was a group that started in 1986, and since then we browse the various urbex and hall of fame in Belgium as soon as we have free time.

For my style I do not know what to say, I influence my friends and their advice, because as it does for not so long that I made the lettering I still have to learn, so at this stage must remain humble and s’ apply until my personality is imbued in my graffiti

I do not follow fans of a graffiti in particular, I like the real graffiti without stencil or mask tape …

The one that challenges me, time in style and colors is Geser 3A, when I saw this blaze on social networks, I told myself that this is a nice evolution in the graffiti, after actually there is a lot that masters and respect (time he does not use stencils)

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