The long awaited PEACE PARC – MQC movie will screen AT Peace Park for its first public premiere. Be there or be square.

The movie is a 12+ years documentation of the conflict between business owners, skateboarders, crackheads, police, drug dealers, prostitutes – all lifers from the Peace Park(Place de la Paix). And it's more than another Bum Fights episode. David Bouthillier (@davidboots), has reached all aspects of the park's surroundings, from interviews with Police officers to the opinion of the homeless, pretty much living in the park. Here's a few exclusive screenshots of the film, followed by the trailer.

For more info check out the MQC website. Make sure to not miss this epic premiere, which will be preceded by a Best Trick skate contest, and some performances by local DJs and MCs. Facebook event HERE, and afterparty event HERE.