I write Mucho and Bag from HAS Crew in Oslo. I’ve been painting since the early 90’s and I’m originally from Oslo, Norway. Now based in Oslo and New York. I grew up admiring the styles of writers like Goal Aio, Sabe, More, Rens, Caster, Delta, Wane, Reas, Wen, Pure, Sento, Ghost and also writers like Kase2, Phase2, Rammellzee, Cliff 159, Blade, Skeme, Dez, Dero, Dondi and so on. And MACK and BITS from Oslo

I consider my style a traditional, NYC-influenced Oslo style with my take on it, and some characters blended in. Lately I’ve been experimenting more and more with patterns and design work in an attempt to break down the distinction between the letter and the 3d and play more with shape and form. I try to make my pieces intriguing but also hard to look at at the same time.

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