I started really writing in 2010 before that I’d only hang out with writers in high school but never actually painted. 

I’m from San Francisco and saw so much graffiti in my neighborhood, I always thought it looked so cool. It wasn’t till 2004 when I was kicking it with Odem BAC and he caught a tag while we were skating that I was like fuck I guess we can do it too! After that, I was obsessed with graffiti. One of my main influences back then was jet set radio on Sega Dreamcast, I loved that bold graphic style.

I met Styner UGS CBS in 2012 and we hit it off. He’s been a big influence, not necessarily in style but his passion for the craft. We pieced in 2013 and my shit was sooo wack I needed to get better ASAP. Up until 2013 I’d only been bombing so piecing was foreign to me. It wasn’t until I had a run-in with the police were I got injured that I had to rethink my graff life. I got away that day but with a messed up ankle, I realized I couldn’t be running from the cops often. I started lurking hard for underground tunnels and places where I could take my time since it wasn’t about quickness anymore I realized I needed to get better at letter form. I have always been inspired by the traditional Frisco funk and New York wildstyle! I get inspired by my crew more than anything shout out to Jamer, Saze, Ramr, Cieh, Kutz I bite their shit all the time haha

My main love is creek systems and trains. there’s nothing like a hot summer day being in a creek tunnel in darkness with the water flowing at your feet and a good conversation with a homie. ive had some crazy adventures in some tunnels! remember if it rains, no drains! I’m lucky to be alive. I havent been able to paint a lot of trains because the yards in the bay are all burned out but when I travel and get the chance theres no better feeling than being in a yard with your senses on high alert and the sounds of a refrigerated unit hella loud in the background. 

Also if you can paint internationally! my best travel sesh was Tokyo. much love to Zker for showing me around and sharing stories while getting some sprays.

Outside of my crew, I look up to guys like Zone WST, Maple TCI, Twist THR, Goser TDK, Renos HTK, Enor DWT, Rule TBK and many more I can’t think of right now.

I have to also give a mention to the guys I paint with the most for always being great friends and for sticking with me when shit gets real. Sopa, Otem, Torch, Rue, and Musk.

Rest in peace Kevin “kutz” Wong. We’ll keep your name alive till we meet again.

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