I grew up in Surrey, BC but have recently moved to Vancouver Island. I’ve always had a passion for art. When I was younger I was constantly getting in trouble for doodling at school. I started writing in the early 00’s. A few local writers and myself started OTK crew. I ended up quitting right after high school when drinking and partying became my first priorities. I met my wife in Highschool and she really pushed me to start again but I wasn’t too interested. I started writing again in 2013 after my mom was diagnosed with cancer, I felt I needed to relieve some stress. It wasn’t long until I was hooked, and met Nako. He helped me with my style and structure, colour combinations, and really pushed me to think outside the box. We started painting trains 3-4 times a week. Now my wife wishes I never started again!

Some of my inspirations are: TCI crew, Sueme and Nako.

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