Holla, my name is Nebster, from the small town of Purworejo, in the province of Central Java – Indonesia. Represent SEC (SprayEaterCrew) – M3C (MiracleMidnightMovementCrew) – HSP (HyperSweetPower).
I started graffiti in 2010.
Handstyle graffiti is one that made me fall in love with the world of Graffiti. Crayone TWS (Together With Style) is a friend of mine as well as a teacher who gave me knowledge about handstyle writing, we met on social media facebook, his work is really amazing, really inspiring!
Graffiti is not an easy choice, especially in this small town of Purworejo, and there is no value for it. We are really blind and don’t know about it. Not as massive as now, there is still too little information from the internet about graffiti in our city. So we found, blended and created by remembering what we saw from the street corners of Yogyakarta City, several science fiction books and films as a source of reference for my style.
Now days of painting Graffiti for me is like meditation, like talking to myself, removing my bored mind from work and the rigors of life, regenerating the soul, and it makes me more alive!
Graffiti is my way of representing boundless madness.

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