Hi, I’m Nero from Sardinia, Italy. I started painting in 1991 in my native town, Iglesias, where I still live today. What I learned in all this time is Graffiti is all about your style. It makes no sense to me writing your name stealing other writers’ work. You must create and evolve your own lettering keeping it original and let people recognize it, even before reading your name on your pieces. Things like colors, characters, effects, or technic comes later, always. If you got style, one can is enough. Tags, throws or burners. I’m still in love with classic New York style, still inspired by legendary crews like TFP, TC5, and originators like Dondi, Don 1, Seen…speaking about other countries I grew up studying classic Bando and Shoe semi wildstyle, or Dare dynamic letters. I still love and follow today the work of style masters like Bates, Atom, Jurnes, Kemr, Geser…and still try to keep it original with my letters.

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