Whats crackin, I write Nerve / Nerve One, the crews I push are, DBM, TF, BLT, DOA, and EDA. I’ve been a writer since 1992, my influences early on were the bombing and pieces I’d seen in providence growing up as a young boy. Not knowing then how important some of that early work would be , but having witnessed early on Futura 2000, Doc and Ash pieces on the rt 10 walls entering into the city of Providence, and later on local crews, such as MAW, PLUS crew,  PSU and the Kings along with FBI, all had a heavy influence on my early tagging years. And when I finally got my firts to peep inside the RISD tunnel (an abandoned train tunnel near the rhode island school of design) my mind was instantly blown by the works from Wizart/Spoke UW now my homie and DOA pres, but then just some g’d out white cat who could paint his ass off, along with heads like Vase UW, TWA, BT, Rath, Emyt/Aboves and Juan UPS. All these cats shape my style today, which is a straight up east coast bar style, with a focus on changing flow and stance as much as possible, as to not feel stagnant, and redundant. I get my flow stance and bounce from these influences along w some of my crewmates like Swerve, Jus, Tomb (Rest In Piece), Etips, and Osteo, and Aboves. When ur surrounded by such a thick crew of talented writers it’s not hard to push yourself.  Id like to thank bombingscience for the feature, and say peace to all the Lil Rhody writers and crews who keep the motion state shining, shout outs to all my crews and homies. 

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