Hello there!

I write NESYR (initially was Nestwo). I was born and raised in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. I started writing in 2009. Graffiti to me is born in a rebellious spirit that challenges me to stray away from my comfort zone. Style writing has always been the key that drives me as an artist. My style has the influence of mostly European wild-style/semi-wild and LA gore/horror style. They both play as my primary and secondary personal preferences. In recent years, my inspiration has always been spaceships, robots, aliens and monsters such as Gundam, Terminator, Star Wars, etc. Other than that, music, traveling, and surroundings do play a significant role as a source of inspiration. There are undoubtedly too many good writers these days; some of my favorites writers are Revok, Sirum, Jurne, Opium, Atom, Brus, Pork…


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