I write NEVS/NEVR (Never) I’m a graffiti writer from Manila, Philippines. Started out 2010, college days. I started to travel around Asia this past couple of years and looking forward to more adventures ahead.
Guys, I’ve been looking up to are Askew, Revok, Rune, Optimist, Pemex, 3ayem, Retro, Siek, Asmoe, Slac, Raws, Skenar, Pout, Semor, Meds & Reso. Influenced by a lot of artists but mostly those that push themselves and work hard on their art, going out there and not taking shortcuts. My style is mainly a mix of letters, geometric shapes, and bevels. Still working on to improve my letter structure, flow, and color combinations.
Big shout out to Bombing Science for the feature! my crews LGS, TFK, NBF, PSP.Cheers!

INSTAGRAM: @patricknevs

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