Hello everyone!

I’m Nexer, I started writing in 2006 in Paris suburbs. I’m a member of the crews PLT, VEC, and GAME. Graffiti to me is the better way to express myself, I just take colors and disconnect for a few hours. My style is a combination of readability and effects. A few years ago, I falt into the bevel effect, and like a curse, I can’t get rid of it Ahah so now I play with lights and shadows (thanks to a lot of shades that exist) to make volume on my pieces.. but without doing real 3D. I take my inspiration during my travels or while observing nature, architecture, or a good color scheme in a cartoon. And eating lettering as much as possible. Nowadays there is a lot of good styles and new things to see. Some of my favorites writers are Poas Asmoe Bacon Atome Brus Siek Kems Rune Semor Romeo Solve and Saves and in France I will say Elas and Soze for the burner pieces in the highways, Mites, Julius, Chek, Dashe, Encs, Disek, Cola and Rodes for the letter style and Enora Koye Abys for characters


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