I was born and live in Rome (Italy). I start painting in 2000. Initially, the artists who inspired me and made me fall in love with the letters are part of the old school scene in New York that I discovered through the books that my father brought me from the United States in the nineties. My approach to letters begins in a school diary that tries to write letters in the style I have seen done by Dondi, Zephyr, Partone, Kel, Seen and more. Over the years my landscape has expanded and I have discovered various international scenes, but it was that of northern Europe that struck me in the early 2000s, where Bates and Cantwo inspired me both in terms of letters and colors. I can say that over the years I have started to personalize my style in the best way from all points of view (letters and colors). Today I try to evolve every day with sketching and painting often but always remaining faithful to the classic style. The important thing for me is that each piece I do is always different and evolved from the last. The graffiti artists that I like and admire are many like Bates, Smash, Atom, Skore, Ces, Yes2, Phet1.

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