I’m NORM, graffiti artist based in Germany, painting for DHS crew. I started with graffiti in 2001, over the years I got more and more interested in painting realistic stuff. I don’t prefer any particular style or motives – in my point of view it is important not to limit but rather challenge yourself. Since 2011 I’m working as a freelance artist and started my own brand ABARTIG. I really enjoy travelling the world, sharing my art with the people and live from what I love the most! Sometimes it’s very hard – thanks to social media graffiti and art in general is easy to consume and available at all times. Nowadays you can’t compete only with local artist but rather with artist from around the world. Depending on my daily mood this competition gives me a headache: you take a look on your phone, just see a new banger of another artist and think “fuck, take my money” and you ask yourself “what am I doing here?”. But this exact point is what motivates and inspires me to get better and improve! Thanks to bombing science for the opportunity and much love for my crew, supporters, haters and cat.

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